Shinzo Abe
Japan's Prime Minister
Hello, I'm Shinzo Abe.
Two years have passed since the earthquake of 3/11. Shortly after the disaster,
I was in a small village called Watari. Nothing remained but debris.

I was stunned.
I was speechless.

During those challenging months, many people shed not only sweat but also tears for the victims.
I can’t express enough how thankful I still am for all the help you gave us.

Today, I am pleased to make an announcement: The people who suffered tremendously
have not lost hope. In Watari, the strawberry farmers have recovered, rising to new heights.
I ate their product, those big and red strawberries.
They were delicious. Indeed, they may even be tastier, as the fruit is now being grown
under newly installed precision temperature control, a cutting-edge technology.

This is the new Japan: The result of peoples’ resolve plus advanced knowledge.
A country that faced up to a taxing and unimaginable challenge has been reborn.
The nation once helped by your goodwill now stands at the cusp of a new future.

Please join us as we journey into this new future. The New Japan.